1986 Company established. Ergonomic product, HS Quartz Halogen Working Light series, with switch handle for easy operation and heat insulation.
1988 Applying engineering plastic for base and articulated arm of each model.
1989 Developed waterproof lighting head construction. Developed SL series with low watt but high intensity. Magnetic base makes light portable.
1991 Patented reconstruction waterproof lighting head.
1992 Developed GE series.
1993 Exporting products to Europe and America.
1994 Established business relationship with international company like CIN in England, OKK in Japan, DNE, etc. TUV and GS approved.
1995 Established business relationship with FKB in German. Good Graphic Design Award from China External Trade Development Council.
1996 Developed enclosure IP67 protective-tube light with two patents. Developed Tiered Signal Lights.
1997 Developed Electronic Magnifier Light and GECW with enclosure of IP65.
1998 Gaining two more patents.
1999 Gaining one more patent. Investing product improvement in coming years of 2001 to 2005.
2000 Develop waterproof light arm and lighting immobility. Gaining one more patent. Investing LED light source.
2001 Gaining two more patents. Developed LED signal light, waterproof T5 protective-tube light, and P.R.O.
2002 Developed HW and K88 work lights. Gaining two more patents.
2002 Completed website info. updating &improving
2003 Insisted on carrying out the project of keeping on improving &advancing Divided the R&D team of Lamp structure and electronic circuitry successfully to achieve perfect cooperation. LED extra-white light was brought out.
2004 Obtained the patent.
We introduced the adjustable folding caution light into the market successfully which was became the world-famous brand.
Persisted in innovating &applying of the LED extra-white light.
2005 Obtained patent again
The project of keeping on improving & advancing will be accomplished at the end of the year.
The R&D Dept. of Lamp structure will break through the applied limit of the existing light arm design and engineering plastic.
The R&D Dept. of electronic circuitry will break through the limit of existing electronic ballast.
The manufacture procedure efficiency and the yield rate of semi-manufactured product have been improving greatly.
Factory unit and expanding is on going in the near future.
2006 Great progress and promotion plan being accomplished: The product series elevate to the whole voltage, high power, initiative detectable and durable digital electronic functions.
HS, HW waterproof structure and dispelling heat are upgraded.
Mould groups put the finished product in place.
GE with a good rate of die casting of outer cover of aluminium has being raised highly.
The new style light arm is constructed and finished; mainly introduces the rigidity & the flexible interface, and the perfect design for the best balance.
New place of factory aimed and new production lines planning.
Push forward the precise quality of new products:
HE cold light high-power waterproof work light
T5/T8 upright environmental work light

The results of research and development group represent and apply LED light source to every kind of machine lighting fixtures; also explore all kinds of high efficient & energy-conserving lamps to tie in the suppression of global warming, reduce the electrical energy demand and make an effort to adjust the natural environment.
LED 25 Subminiature high illumination signal lights
LED subminiature high illumination waterproof work light
The fine works go on the market.

The new factory is scheduled to build and finish at the end of 2008. Construction & building style: Science & technology, green energy, and humanity.


MDS Multi-characteristics LED Stripe.
New plant built in 2009 and moved in 2011.
Latest emergy-saving LED working lights are available.


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