MDS Multi-characteristics LED Stripe
1.Enclosure Type: IP673. 100% Waterproof protection.
2.Multiple Design: The comprehensive design fulfills a variety of applications, 40°and 60° beam angle and sophisticated optics creates great intensive brightness, and 120° flat beam for illuminating a large area as well.
3.Vibration & Impact Resistant: Robust Aluminum alloy housing and tempered safety glass bring excellent impact protection.
4.Heat Dissipation: Prime heat dissipation design prevents the light from fade.
5.Minimal Housing: Small size, light weight, MDS creates an optimum installation for extreme confined space.
6.Energy Saving: Compare with incandescent lamp, approximately 5 times more lifespan low energy consumption and electricity costs saving.
7.Installation: Standard : Screw (Screw hole Ø5.5mm)
Optional : (1) Clamps (2) Powerful magnet
8.Quality Guarantee: In accordance with EN/EEC/CE regulations.
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