SL Halogen Machine Lamp Series
  SL Square Arm   SLC Swivel Arm   SLCT Transformer   SLG Gooseneck


1.Heat Dissipation: Fine engineering plastic lighting head with design of heat convection provide quick heat dissipation and extends bulb service life. (See Picture 015)
2.Convenient Bulb
With thread design, the front head shade can be loosed easily as well as request no tool need to replace lamp bulb.
3.Study Construction: SL/ SLC/SLCT
Light arm is extruded from aluminum material, anode treated for scratch prevention. The elbow and base are made of engineering plastic, durable and well resistant to electric shock and high temperature.

74ø dia. refined lamp head and multi-position swiveling base constructed of steel ball and articulated arms permit positive and convenient adjustment to any lighting direction. Various arm lengths are available.
Flexible gooseneck arm is easily set to any lighting area and provides a flexible direction adjustment.

5.Supply Voltage: 12V or 24V. Safety class: III
6.Choices of Supply
SL (Electronic Transformer)
Square arm with built-in electronic transformer (See Picture 007) suited for 120V/230V. Safety class: I.
SLCT/SLG (Winding Transformer)
Lamp base with built-in winding transformer (See Picture 009) suited for 120V/230V. Safety class: II.
7.Products Update LED lamp bulb is available, click for checking it out.
8.Quality Guarantee: In accordance with EN/EEC/CE regulations.

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