HPL Waterproof Fluorescent Work Light
1.Protection Class: IP67 (See Picture 017). Provide protection against lubricant and coolant. Suit for severe environment.
2.Longtime Operation: Compact fluorescent lamp suits for longtime operation. Approx. 8000 hours long lamp life. Excellent light distribution and color rendering(Ra85).
3.Convenient Lamp
Patented design. Easy lamp replacement only from one end. Convenient lamp elements replacement.
4.Mounting Methods: Screw down end cover B (See Picture 017).
Or wall bracket with end cover A (See Picture 018).
5.Energy savings: Electronic ballast applied. Pleasant, flicker free light with no stroboscopic effect thanks to high-frequency operation. Energy savings.
6.Safety: Overvoltage protective cutout for short-duration voltage surges and for temporary overvoltages.
7.Reflector: A special anodized reflector provides the highest lighting effectiveness. Moreover, its durability is assured over a long period.
8.Lampshade Choices: Glass lampshade prevents scratch and ensures visibility. Acrylic lampshade prevents breaking.
9.Supply Voltage: 24V, 120V, or 230V
10.Lengths: Separate ballast (See Picture 020) saves more space than built-in ballast (See Picture 019) does. Lower watt lamp with less length.
11.Louver: The optional louver limits the angle of light¡¦s illuminating and prevents direct glare. Bring the soft illuminance to make eyes comfortable. (Patent No.:G157792) (See Picture021)
12.Quality Guarantee: In accordance with EN/EEC/CE regulations.

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