T5 Compact Fluorescent Work Light
1.Enclosure Type: IP67. 100% Waterproof protection. (See Picture 022)
2.Patent Design: Patented screw down end cover with 350° rotating suits for different direction mounting. (See Picture 023)
3.Fine Construction: Electronic ballast applied. Pleasant, flicker free light with no stroboscopic effect thanks to high-frequency operation. With anodized aluminum reflector and compact construction of 45mm. Functions of brightness stable, preheat start and instant start.
4.Safety: Overvoltage protective cutout for short-duration voltage surges and for temporary overvoltages. With protection designs against lamp disconnect and lamp unusual.
5.Compact Fluorescent
T5 Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  * With small tube diameter of 16mm
  * High luminous efficacy
  * Low power consumption
  * Long lamp life
  * 50mm shorter in lengths compared with extremely
    economical FH lamps and general fluorescent lamps
  * High-intensity FQ lamps even shorter than FH lamps
6.Lampshade Choices: Glass lampshade prevents scratch and ensures visibility.
Acrylic lampshade prevents breaking.
7.Quality Guarantee: In accordance with EN/EEC/CE regulations.

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