HQ Electronic Magnifier Lamp
1.Electronic Ballast: Electronic ballast applied. Pleasant, flicker free light with no stroboscopic effect thanks to high-frequency operation. 22W cool beam circular fluorescent light suits for little distance operation and easy replacement.
2.Study Construction: Light arm is extruded from aluminum material, anode treated for scratch prevention. Load-bearing design ensures of immobility. Suit for working place, reading, examination, and beauty shop.
3.Safety: Lampshade made of engineering plastic provides effective insulation. The hidden handle design allows easy adjustment with full ergonomic considerations.
4.Convenient Adjustment: Multi-position swiveling base and articulated arms permit positive and convenient adjustment to any lighting direction. Various arm lengths are available.
5.Magnifier Lens: 3-diopter or 5-diopter.(See Picture 026) With diameter of 5 inches (about 120mm)
6.Control Lever: Light head joint with control lever is easy to adjust and better for operation. (See Picture 024)
7.Packing: With instruction manual and color box (See Picture 025)
8.Quality Guarantee: CE and more.
9.Supply Voltage: 120V or 230V. Safety class: I

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