Tower Light
1.Applications: Suitable for displaying the operation status of machines tools, industrial machines, special purpose machines, automatic production line, robot, etc.
2.Design Features: The unique prism-cut globe provides wide radiance, high intensity, bright color and higher quality than other equal type products.
The inner structure uses high light-pervious braces. This means no shadows reflected on globes, and light shines without any shadow zone. Fixture is made of engineering plastic.
The patented lower part and inner construction contain a vibration absorber that effectively absorbs a wide range of vibration frequencies, greatly reducing any adversity on the globe. This improves the operation life of the bulbs. The long-life vibration resistant bulbs offer low maintenance.
* Standard Version :
The bulb holders of our product are installed with high elastic rubber elements to absorb the shock waves during machine operation. When shock pulses occur the rubber element transfers the high frequency waves to a slower vibration. This effectively decreases the impact on the bulb extending the operation life. (See Picture 028)
* Compound Version :
This version id designed for high vibration machinery. As well as the internal vibration resistance, the compound version uses a tip-to-tip shock-absorbing cushion, which greatly increases its ability to absorb shock waves. (See Pictures 029.030)
5.Easy Replacement: Globes are manufactured with thread, making a no-tools-required replacement. (See Picture 031)
6.Additional Function: Buzzer (95Db/m) is available upon request. Non-flashing version emits continuous sound; non-flashing/flashing version intermittent sound.
LED Light is also available with extra charges.
7.Electric device
•Non-flashing model: The desired element lights with the signal wires from each element.
•Non-flashing/ flashing model: With a built-in flashing circuit, each element can be switched independently to non-flashing or flashing, with signal wires of each element. (Non-flashing while both non-flashing and flashing are ON.) (See Picture 034 for Signal Connection Control)
• The steady-frequency NE555 oscillator is used for high reliability and long operating life.
• To avoid overload, every bulb circuit uses the dedicated transistor element (DC) or TRIAC element (AC) to drive the current. This extends the life of the driving element.
• The power of the AC flashing circuit is obtained by the capacitive voltage reducing. This simplifies the circuit; decreases the heat normally generated by the device turning on and off; and occupies less physical space. This increases the overall lifespan of the product.
•The changeable safety fuses are attached on all models to improve reliability.
See Electrical Characteristics.
8.Globes Colors: Globes standard colors : (from top to bottom)
1st unit: Red
2nd unit: Red-Yellow
3rd unit: Red-Yellow-Green
4th unit: Red-Yellow-Green-Blue
5th unit: Red-Yellow-Green-Blue-White
9.Mounting Methods: Please refer to accessories for various mounting methods as well as patented rotating base. (See Picture EL)
10.Quality Guarantee: In accordance with EN/EEC/CE regulations.

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