DSH High Power Medical LED Lamp
1.Heat Dissipation: Fine engineering plastic lighting head with design of heat convection provide quick heat dissipation. It effectively prevents the light from fade after long-term use.
2.Medical illumination: Setting handle on lamp head creates excellent flexibility and maneuverability. It has been extensively used in hospital.
3.Sturdy Construction : High rigidity and impact-resistant engineering plastic, anodized Aluminum and tempered safety glass bring to you a very durable lamp.
4.Convenient Adjustment: Multi-position swiveling base and articulated arms permit positive and convenient adjustment to any lighting direction. Also adjustable torque joint provides powerful capability for the joint.
5.Healthy Light Source: No UV nor IR in spectrum. No heat, no radiation, LED light source is good for health.
6.Energy Saving: High quality LED bulb offers high illumination, but low power consumption, it brings you an environmentally friendly green product.
7.Supply Voltage: 12V AC/DC or 24V AC/DC. AC 100V~240V Safety class: III
AC 100V~240V Safety class: II.
8.Quality Guarantee : In accordance with EN/EEC/CE regulations.
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